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Free Training Manual Software' title='Free Training Manual Software' />Jump higher with comprehensive vertical jump training by Jacob Hiller. The Jump Manual The Most Comprehensive Vertical Jump Program Available. THE JUMP MANUAL The only program that targets every facet of vertical explosion. Effectively training every aspect of vertical jump is the only way to maximize your vertical jump explosion. Watch the video above to understand exactly why The Jump Manuals multifaceted approach produces the most rapid and maximal vertical jump gains possible. The only way to reap huge gains is by obeying true training principles. Learn exactly how to gain a serious physical edge over your competition. All testimonials are 1. I can put you in contact with real athletes who have gained 1. We are listed on several online better business agencies, and must maintain standards of honesty and customer satisfaction. What exactly is The Jump Manual The Jump Manual is an all in one vertical jump training software that provides you everything you need in order to achieve your maximum vertical jump and quickness. The Jump Manual is compatible with all computer platforms, Windows, Mac, Linux. Complete workout chart showing you exactly how to get the maximum effectiveness from your workout. Get started quick, and get results every time you train. Complete training video library with videos showing you exactly how to do every exercise and stretch. WO4.jpg' alt='Free Training Manual Software' title='Free Training Manual Software' />Free Training Manual SoftwareDownload the top free Internet filtering and parental control software latest version of WeBlocker. Completely free with no hooks. Get 10 FREE Auto FX Software Photo Effects with the FREE Sampler App. You get 2 example effects from each of the three individual Mystical Suite Gen2 Products. Exact nutrition plan showing you exactly what you can eat to increase gains, and reduce injury. I will show you exactly what to eat to have your body in muscle building mode. One on one training is the only way to ensure that all your individual personal questions are answered so you can have 1. One on one training is provided via email. Weight room alternatives are provided for those who may not have access to a weight room. So the program can be done without a weight room. Much more. Training forum, access to interviews from NBA coaches, shooting coaches, professional athletes etc. How to make a portable nutrition center, Glossary of training vocabulary, complete section on how form enhancements can get you immediate gains, and much more all in one easy to use software. Read on to find out more. Listen to an audio testimonial from Alvin S. Florida. Alvin called me on the phone one day ecstatic about his results. I asked him if I could record the phone call with him. This phone call was not planned, and I had no connection to Alvin prior to him calling me. As a professional beach volleyball player, I was looking for an edge going into my 9th season on the AVP tour. I am so thankful I found the Jump Manual After two months on the program, my legs are stronger than they have been in years and my knees feel great  Im jumping higher, hitting harder, and stuffing balls at the net. Id recommend this program to anyone looking to take their game to the next level. John Moran, Professional Volleyball Player. Ranked 2. 9th. in the USAThe Jump Manual will allow you to make tremendous gains on your vertical and quickness. Here are a few questions I get about whether the Jump Manual is a good fit. I am or my sondaughter is 1. Is the Jump Manual a good fit Getting a jump start on your athletic development is one of the best things you can do to give yourself an advantage over your competition and increased confidence. The truth about this is that if your athlete is competing at a sport they are already putting training level stress on their body in uncontrolled environments. Proper training will not only increase performance but decrease risk of injury. Your body will be strengthened and less prone to injury in uncontrolled environments. I am 2. Is the Jump Manual a good fit As long as your joints are in good shape you are ready to start training. I have trained 4. No matter what age you are if you are playing basketball recreationally or competitively you can benefit from this training. Do I need a weight room to use the Jump Manual No, you do not need access to a weight room. While resistance training is an important part of getting the maximum benefit from your training a weight room is not necessary. I provide exercises you can do with or without a weight room, a weight room is simply a convenient way to provide resistance to muscles. I already have a 4. Can I continue to gain with the Jump Manual Yes, I have had many athletes start the Jump Manual with a 4. Free Training Manual Software' title='Free Training Manual Software' />You will discover how to gain inches on your vertical from aspects you have never before trained. I have used many other vertical programs and tried everything but cant increase my vertical. Have I reached my genetic potential Unless your vertical is in the upper 4. Unfortunately most people have logged 1. You must learn correct principles for explosion training which is very different from regular strength or quickness training. I am Asian, white, Hispanic etc. The Jump Manual has been effectively used to increase vertical on every continent. White men CAN jump, and so can anyone else regardless of race. Muscle fiber, although genetically endowed amounts vary, can always be trained to be more and more explosive. Unless you have a vertical in the 4. I want to buy the Jump Manual without the monthly coaching. Is that possible As soon as you purchase you can cancel the one on one coaching. The monthly coaching also includes forum access and access to the interview I do each month. I get NBA coaches, professional sports psychologists, and professional athletes on the phone each month and ask them questions that you have given me. Canceling is as easy as sending an email and confirmation is given within 4. Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. Jacob,Im 6 foot on a good day. Free Training Manual Software' title='Free Training Manual Software' />Been trying to get my vertical to 5. Im gonna do it. With The Jump Manual training I have been able to get my vertical to the upper 4. Now I can 3. 60 two handed dunk, alley oop, and dunk in between my legs. I have gained well over 1. Thanks for giving out the real deal. Kitchen Cabinet Installation Cost. Brandon, Hawaii. Learn exactly how The Jump Manual uses pure science to increase your vertical leap. Recent studies have proven these techniques to be the most effective methods of increasing explosion. Learn how to tap into the most effective methods known to the training world. Anything less than a multi faceted approach is missing out on the improvement and synergy of targeting every effective facet of vertical jump explosion. Dont cheat yourself out of valuable results by ignoring unknown training aspects. There are nine different improvable aspects by which you may increase your vertical explosion and quickness. Would you rather target one or two or all nine This may seem like a silly question, but unfortunately most programs only target one or two. The Jump Manual is the only program to target every aspect of vertical jump explosion and quickness. Targeting each facet allows for the quickest possible results. The cumulative effect of effectively training each aspect produces results fast. Targeted improvements on your form alone can, upon mastery of the techniques, increase your vertical from 2 4 inches. A few commonly neglected aspects of a correct diet will allow your muscle recovery to improve by 1. An understanding of correct training methods and why 9.