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Some of them are actively fighting inclusion of non believers as rightful members of AA. Others are simply going about their business promoting their honestly held belief that a god is central to recovery, and that the steps must be worked exactly as Bill Wilson wrote them in 1. In his later years, Bill seemed genuinely concerned that the fellowship he had set in motion, and for which he had written the basic text, was becoming increasingly and unduly heavy handed with the god stuff. Dr Bob was much more of a Christian than Bill, but they both came from the Oxford Group with its heavy religiosity. Download 8 Ball Pool For Blackberry 10. And while the non religious part of AA has finally begun growing and claiming its rightful place within AA it is no wonder that in a heavily religious place like North America there are factions in AA pulling in the opposite direction. And just like we have our own secular movement, there are religionists who have their own groups, and they have been around for quite some time. Many of these individuals or groups claim to be part of AA, though AA disowns some of them. Some also choose to distance themselves from AA entirely, and have their own groups, their own meeting schedules, their own literature, and their own Big Book which of course is the first edition. Alcoholics Victorious. Jesus Christ as its Higher Power and uses the 1. Steps and the Bible as recovery tools. Celebrate Recovery. AA is too vague in referring to God as a higher power and promotes a specifically Christ based 1. Step program God remains in their steps as we understood Him has been removed. Celebrate Recovery claims to have had more than two and half million people complete its program. These are just two examples. What all of these religionist groups and individuals both in and out of AA have in common is the idea that the Big Book is the way to get and stay sober. In this short documentary, Dawkins takes a look at the purpose of human existance and asks the earthshaking question Why are we here Pointing out. Stealth Euthanasia Health Care Tyranny in America Hospice, Palliative Care and Health Care Reform. They treat the Big Book as a Bible and the 1. Some consider Bill to have written the Big Book with direct inspiration from god, while others simply accept it as an infallible book of instructions. But theyre all really based on connection with God. And since there is only one way to get and stay sober, and that involves God, they have little patience for agnostics and atheists. Were simply doing it wrong, and were destroying AA with our un godly ways. Under the circumstances it is hard to not have the same intolerant attitude toward them in turn. It would be nice if we could just have the fundamentalists, the middle of the roaders, and the unbelievers each work the program however they see fit and work together for our common purpose to help the next suffering alcoholic but its just not happening. Architects Engineers For 911 Truth have made the crucial and informed point that it was impossible for a plane hitting the top of the Towers of the World Trade. We non believers have never claimed that our way is the only way. Primary Purpose. The most informative article on these groups that I found, An Enquiry into Primary Purpose and Back to Basics AA Groups, is on a British site called AA Cultwatch. Boxee Download Linux more. The article appears to be well researched, and doesnt seem to suffer much from any bias. One of these groups, Primary Purpose, was inspired by Joe Charlies Traveling Step Work Circus. The Happy Atheist Epub' title='The Happy Atheist Epub' />Joe Mc. Quany got sober in an insane asylum in 1. Charlie Parmley who had come to Little Rock, Arkansas to speak at an Al Anon convention. They found that they both liked to study the Big Book, and around 1. Big Book study program on the road. Available in NOOK. Our Certified PreOwned NOOK GlowLight Plus undergoes a testing process to ensure that it meets BN standards. This refurbished NOOKPrice 79. IDSERP,5217. 1Why Banning Best Friends at School is Insane and CruelWhy Banning Best Friends at School is Insane and Cruel. Just when it appears modern educators have reached the limit of their bizarre doctrines, they always. The Three Crucial Issues at the PopeTrump Meeting The upcoming meeting in Rome between Pope Francis and President Trump is an opportune occasion. They also made tapes of their seminars which were widely distributed. Their study program took off. It was based on the principle that everything an alcoholic needs to know to get and stay sober is in the Big Book. A special lunch with Joe and Charlie as speakers was organized at the 1. International AA Convention. A hundred Joe and Charlie tape sets were given away as door prizes for the 1. Invitations exploded and within a couple of years, Joe Charlie were presenting about 3. They were a reaffirmation of the belief that the Big Book said everything that needed to be said to the alcoholic with a desire to stop drinking. Studies have been given in 4. Canadian provinces. Additionally, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands have all hosted the Big Book Study seminars with Joe Charlie Since 1. AA Members have experienced the spiritual benefits of these collective studies. Big Book Seminar. A Primary Purpose founders meeting was held on January 2. Dallas, organized by Cliff Bishop, one of Charlies early sponsees. Cliff died in 2. 01. Our Big Book Study Meetings went pretty well. On occasion, we would have folks from other groups, which were heavy in Discussion Meetings, who would want to share their ES H with our Group. Id write a little note to let them know our meetings were to learn what the First One Hundred did that worked so well for them. We were not interested in using meeting time for individuals to share their thoughts or experiences. I would hand them the note and most of the time, they would then join us in our study. They were quite into proselytizing too Those who make up our Group are very active in taking the message of the Big Book into those places where suffering alcoholics wind up seeking shelter and help. We try to get to them before they become discussionized. The Primary Purpose Group of Alcoholics Anonymous. For these people it is not about sharing experience, strength and hope, but instead about passing on the exact message of the Big Book. What Bill Wilson wrote with three years of sobriety is, for them, simply the first and the last word. Joe died on October 2. Charlie on April 2. Back to Basics. The other main fundamentalist group is Back to Basics. It works much in the same way, but has different origins. Another determined person, Wally P, launched Back to Basics, with some tapes, in December 1. He later also published a variety of books, first among them Back to Basics in 1. B2. B groups similar to Primary purpose have sprung up in many places. The two have references to each other, even though they arent directly associated. Wally P is still going strong, as you can see from his speaking engagement and workshop schedule for 2. AA Back to Basics. The only statistic we have on the number of B2. B meetings is from 2. AA Cultwatch. At that time there were 1. US. Some of these meetings were also on the pertinent Intergroup schedules while others werent, either because Intergroup didnt want them, or because the meetings themselves preferred not to be associated directly with AA. For Primary purpose they showed the following statistics on their growth 2. Fifty nine groups in six countries 2. Sixty eight groups in nine countries 2. One hundred and six groups in eleven countries. The biggest cause for concern is not the number of groups but rather the individual members of Back to Basics who remain involved in regular AA and push their agenda wherever possible. It seems to be a common characteristic of these groups that they are heavily invested in the use of study guides with which they teach a specific, firmly in place, fundamentalist version of AAs program. It is about recovering in one way only, by the book exactly, one size fits all, no ESH, no discussion about it, except perhaps discussion here and there about what exactly Bill Wilson meant by one particular passage or another. It is like bible study all over again.