The Suspicious Housekeeper

The Suspicious Housekeeper' title='The Suspicious Housekeeper' />HOW A MURDERERS BULLET CHANGED KRISTINAS LIFE. Posted by thinkkanen on Aug 2. Finnish Americans, News Stories 0 comments. STORY KRISTINA RIPATTIREPORTER TOMI HINKKANEN LOS ANGELESMURDERERS BULLET CHANGED KRISTINAS LIFEPHOTO CREDIT TOMI HINKKANENGrowing up, the Finnish born Kristina Ripatti Pearce, was an athletic girl who enjoy biking, jogging and surfing. She found her dream vocation as a police officer, working the dangerous beat of South Central Los Angeles. Five years ago, a criminal shot Kristina in the spine. She was paralyzed from the chest down. THERE IS SOMETHING SUSPICIOUS ABOUT HIMJune third, 2. Police officers Kristina Ripatti and Joe Meyer drive along the dark and barren streets of South Los Angeles, looking for criminals. They turn a street corner and find what they are looking for. In front of the police car walks an African American man in his fifties. Years of experience tell them he needs to be stopped. He looked like a drug user with his raggedy clothes. Generally, we do not bother to stop this type of a person, but this man looked very suspicious and was constantly glancing around, Kristina Ripatti recalls. As the police car approaches the man, he crosses the street and drops something inconspicuously from his hand. Cops look at each other. Joe stops the car in the middle of the street. Kristina steps out and approaches the man. He takes off running, followed by Kristina. The flight of the man ends a few hundred yards later on the porch of a a residential house. The Suspicious Housekeeper Korean Drama Synopsis, Details, Cast and other info of all Korean Drama TV Series. The Bluff the Impostor trope as used in popular culture. Your best friendloved onerespected figure of authority is acting strangely and you suspect mdash. The suspect tries to open the door. It is not good if he gets in. Theres no way of knowing who might be in there. Is this his home, does he have friends there, or is he trying to break into someone elses home Kristina looks at the mans hands. There is no gun in them. The Suspicious Housekeeper' title='The Suspicious Housekeeper' />She attacks him from behind. Suddenly the man pulls a. Kristina slumps immediately on the porch. The bullet has entered her body above the bullet proof vest, through the left armpit, hitting the spine. I remember grabbing him, I hear the gun trigger and even smell the gun powder. Now the man stands above Kristina and shoots twice more, hitting the woman in the right arm. Then the shooter turns the gun toward Kristinas head. E0%B8%8B%E0%B8%B5%E0%B8%A3%E0%B8%B5%E0%B8%A2%E0%B9%8C%E0%B9%80%E0%B8%81%E0%B8%B2%E0%B8%AB%E0%B8%A5%E0%B8%B5-The-Suspicious-Housekeeper04.png' alt='The Suspicious Housekeeper Sinopsis' title='The Suspicious Housekeeper Sinopsis' />Joe arrives at the scene and shoot the man five times, killing him. Im trying to get up, but Joe is holding me. I am angry. I tell him to me to go The first bullet has pierced Kristinas artery. Uxtheme Patch Windows 8.1 there. The blood rushes out at every heartbeat. Joe tries to block the wound and calls for help. He asks Kristina to look him in the eyes. Kristina says she cant. The Suspicious Housekeeper AsianwikiHer eyes freeze and she loses consciousness. Meanwhile, her husband Tim, who works in the gang unit, is patrolling nearby. He hears about the hooting on the police radio and rushes to the scene, fearing the worst. While ascending the stairs up to the porch, Tim slips into a pool of blood. His wife is laying on the porch, her skin sheet white, and her blue eyes now jet black. Paramedics arrive on the scene. YOUR  WIFE IS PARALYZEDThe head surgeon of California Hospital is finishing his shift. He hears about the shootings and stays put. Kristina has lost a lot of blood and her blood pressure is dropping dangerously. The emergency room nurses are trying to find a vein, but they have collapsed. Eventually, they find a vein. The liquid of life start to flow into Kristinas body. She returns from the gates of death. After her vital signs are normalized she is rushed to the MRI. The first bullet has done the worst damage. It has hit the back of her neck below the second thoracic vertebrae. In addition, the bullet has done severe damage in the lung. During a six hour surgery, her artery is repaired and the bullet is removed from the spine. Half of her left lung is also removed. Amazingly, Kristina survives, thanks to her excellent physical condition. The doctors tell Tim that Kristina is paralyzed, but that her hands are intact. The next day, Kristina regains her consciousness in the intensive care unit. She can not speak because she is connected to a ventilator. I first bent my finger to ask Tim, if I managed to shoot the perpetrator He said no. Damn, I thought. The following days Kristina drifts in and out of consciousness. She looks to her husband, indicating that she cannot feel her legs. He responds by saying that she is paralyzed. I said okay, and I fell asleep again. It is not registered in my head. Later, upon awakening I did not remember any conversation. Again, I asked about my legs. Tim said that this occurred seven times. It was like in the movie Groundhog Day. Eventually, the eighth time, Tim said, believe now that youre paralyzed After 1. Kristina is transferred to a rehabilitation facility, where during the course of ten weeks she is taught how to deal with everyday life being paralyzed. THE VIOLENT END OF A DANGEROUS CRIMINALKristina was paralyzed by a 5. James Fenton Mc. Neil. He was a hardened career criminal, who had started his life of crime at the tender age of 1. Mc. Neil had a long history of several prison sentences, for armed robbery and manslaughter, among other crimes. He had sailed all his life in and out of prison. Kristina and Joe had been right in regarding him suspicious. Just before they saw Mc. Neil, he had robbed a gas station. The object Mc. Neil so quietly dropped on the street turned out to be a wad of cash he had gotten from the robbery. I remark that it would have been better for both parties if Mc. Neil had surrendered. But for other Americans, is probably better that he is dead, Kristina answers. Ripatti is not interested in Mc. Neils background, nor is she bitter about her destiny. Tim is always amazed that I am not angry with him. Im not wasting my energy on him because he is dead. He was an idiot and a criminal, who always did what he did. And I did what I did. Did he deserve to be on the loose no. But it happens all the time. There are a lot of guys running in the streets who should be in jail. I do not have a say so in the matter, so Im wasting any time on it, Kristina reasons. REALITY HITSAfter rehabilitation Kristina returns home. The following months are a blurr. Armed with a group of volunteers, the reality TV show Extreme Makeover Home Edition, builds a wheelchair friendly house for the Ripatti family in Manhattan Beach. The home has an oversized kitchen, living room furnished with large comfortable coaches and a charming garden with a water feature. Kristiina is asked to speak at various events. She revels in the limelight. All of this was good to me, since I had no time to worry about myself. I knew that once everything calms down, it would be time to look at the truth eye to eye. I knew that I wouldnt be able to continue as a police officer, that I would have to retire, she sighs. She gets a pension almost equal to her salary and free health care from the LAPD. But Kristina had lost her mobility and the identity as a police officer. Deppressio hits her with all its force. Externally, she puts on a brave face, but in reality, just waking up is painful. She withdraws in her bedroom for days on end. She can not even rock her small daughter, Jordan, and feel like a bad mother. Husband, friends and relatives get worried. A HAPPY FAMILY EVENTOne year after becoming paralyzed Kristina receives some incredible news. She is pregnant. The doctor had said before that I can still have children, but warned against becoming pregnant, since pregnancy can bring complications to a paraplegic. Instead, the pregnancy encourages Kristina to start a new life.