Rolling Thunder Patches

Maple. Story Evan Skill Build Guide. Maple. Story Evan Skill Build Guide Evan KR is one of the six Heroes who is part of the Magician branch. This class is unique because Evan use his dragon Mir to fight instead of his weapon. Evan starts his journey on a farm as the son of a farmer. He can use a Wand or a Staff as his primary weapon, and Documents or shields as his secondary weapon. Evan is not one of the heroes that fought the Black Mage personally, he is part of an ancient line of dragon masters that was nearly wiped out by the Black Mage when he fought the legendary heroes. Evans primary stat is INT Intellect. Evan Overview. CLASS Hero. Rolling Thunder Patches' title='Rolling Thunder Patches' />Rolling Thunder PatchesRolling Thunder PatchesEQUIPMENT TYPE Magician, Dragon Equipment unique offhand equipmentPRIMARY WEAPON Staff, Wand. SECONDARY WEAPON Document, Shield. Joan Baezs Fighting Side The Life and Times of a Secret Badass. The Sixties icon helped invent the idea of the protest singer more than five decades later, she. Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker is the legendary sword once wielded by Thunderaan, Prince of Air. This legendary onehanded sword has an item level of 80. PRIMARY STAT Intelligence INTLINK SKILL Rune Persistence Rune Duration 3. MAPLE UNION EFFECT 7. MP 24681. 0BEST INNER ABILITY Magic Attack 3. Boss Damage 2. 0JOB SKILLS I Evan II Evan III Evan IV Evan Hyper Skills V Evan. Evan Changelog. GMS v. Maple. Story V 5th Job 2. I/41ttTuFKJlL.jpg' alt='Rolling Thunder Patches' title='Rolling Thunder Patches' />GMS v. Limitless 2. GMS v. Strange Secret Stories 2. GMS v. 1. 74 Heroes of Maple Reborn 2. GMS v. 1. 72 Maples Eleven 2. GMS v. 1. 68 Reboot 2. GMS v. 1. 57 Shinning Stars 2. GMS v. 1. 49 Legacy of Nine 2. GMS v. 1. 48 Grand Athenaeum 2. The examples and perspective in this article may not represent a worldwide view of the subject. You may improve this article, discuss the issue on the talk page, or. GMS v. 1. 43 RED Part 1 First Impact 2. GMS v. 1. 42 Dawnveil Demons of Tynerum 2. GMS v. 1. 37 Unleashed 2. Evan Pros and Cons. ProsShare your pros on this jobusion skill system combines Mir and Evan skills to deliver powerful damage against enemies. Flexibile attacking capabilities. Rolling Thunder Patches' title='Rolling Thunder Patches' />Conshare your cons on this jobvan Storyline. It all started when FreudFreed a heroic magician and researcher had a great desire of finding a way to have dragons and human live together peacefully. He meets Afrien, King of Onyx Dragon who shares the same philosophical love for all lifeforms. Both took this opportunity to pledge each other by bounding themselves with powerful rituals and spells to create a Spirit Pact. Under this pact, 2 spirits become 1 resulting an unbreakable bond even past death and also making them more powerful than being apart. Then Black Mage came into Maple World and discovered that Onyx Dragon has great power which he can exploit. On one night while Freud was away, Black Mage meets with the great Onyx Dragon King, Afrien. He asked Afrien to join him and betray Freud and humans. He promised Afrien that working together with him makes both of them even more powerful than they could ever imagine. King of Dragon explained that the source of Onyxs power was from the love and trust from Spirit Pact. He could not betray his friend Freud nor would break Spirit Pact if he could. Black Mage researched a way to break the Spirit Pact forcefully and eventually came up with a possible solution by trapping Afriens partner Freud in ice forever. He launched a devastating attack on both of them and succeeded in separating them before he cast his ice curse on Freud. Afrien threw himself in front of his friend to protect him. Though the plan was not completely successful, Black Mage plan to break the Spirit Pact has been achieved. Afrien had left behind a dragon egg, and as long as this egg existed there is a chance where a future hero who comes along and re establish the Spirit Pact. Freud escaped with the egg and hid it where it might eventually be found. Evan, the younger under appreciated child of Gustav the pig farmer, found the Onyx Dragon Egg and took care of it until it hatches and matures to an adult Onyx Dragon. Both of them reforge old bonds and Spirit Pact. Onyx Dragon will rise again with his fellow companion and use this power for justice and peace NOTE Evan wasnt the person who fought against Black Mage a century ago with the other 5 Maple. Story Legendary Heroes. Evan Skill Combinations. Mir Skill Evan Skill Fusion. Dragon Flash Wind Circle Wind Flash. Dragon Flash Thunder Circle Thunder Flash. Dragon Dive Thunder Circle Thunder Dive. Dragon Dive Earth Dive Earth Dive. Dragon Breath Wind Circle Wind Breath. Dragon Breath Earth Circle Earth Breath. DragonWindThunder Flash Return Return Flash Enemies receive extra damageDragonEarthThunder Dive Return Return Dive Boost party attack speedDragonWindEarth Breath Return Return Flame Creates flame curtainMaple. Story Evan Video. Ayumilove Maple. Story Evan 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Job Skill Preview. Shared Skills. Please refer to Shared Skill Build Guide for more details as it is shared among all jobs in Maple. Story. Evan Beginner Job Skills. Back to Nature Coming Home Active. Microsoft Money 2000 Download Italiano. Theres no place like your farm. Level 1 MP Cost 1. Moves you to your Front Yard. Cooldown 9. 0 sec. Inherited Will Passive. You learned the dragon masters true power by receiving the will of Afrien, the King of Onyx Dragon. Level 1 Permanently increases Magic ATT by 1. All Stats by 1. 0Rune Persistence Link Skill. Increases the duration of all Liberated Runes by intensifying their mana. This skill can also be used by one character you have in this world. Level 1 Rune Duration 3. Level 2 Rune Duration 5. Level 3 Rune Duration 7. Evan Beginner Skill Build Guide Everything maxed. All of these skills are maxed automatically. Evan 1st Job Skills. If 2 skill names exist, the 1st skill name for GMS and 2nd skill name for MSEA. Mana Burst I Circle of Mana I Active. Two bursts of mana attack enemies in front. As you job advance, this skill improves, up to Mana Burst IV. Lv. 1. 0 required to learn Mana Burst II. Level 1 MP Cost 6, Damage 1. Number of Attacks 2, Max Enemies Hit 4. Level 1. 0 MP Cost 2. Damage 1. 50, Number of Attacks 2, Max Enemies Hit 4. Teleport Active. Allows you to teleport a set distance to other locations on the same map using the arrow keys. Level 1 MP Cost 3. Teleport Range 2. Downward Movement Range 6. Level 1. 0 MP Cost 2. Teleport Range 2. Downward Movement Range 8. Magic Guard Toggle OnOff. A portion of the damage dealt to you affects your MP instead of your HP. Activated automatically when you have at least 1 MP, and is ineffective when you have 0 MP. Can be toggled onoff with the skill key. Level 1 MP Cost 3. Damage Taken while active 1, Damage Displaced 4. MP. Level 1. 0 MP Cost 3. Damage Taken while active 1. Damage Displaced 8. MP. Dragon Soul Passive. Your dragon contract increases your Weapon DEF, Magic DEF, and Speed. Level 1 Permanently increases Weapon DEF 5. Magic DEF 5. 5, Speed 1. Level 1. 0 Permanently increases Weapon DEF 1. Magic DEF 1. 45, Speed 1. Magic Link Linked Magic Passive. Shares Mirs magic, raising Evans Magic ATT. Level 1 Permanently increases Max MP 6, MP increases by 9. Magic ATT 6. Level 1. Permanently increases Max MP 2. MP increases by 1. Magic ATT 2. 0. Dragon Spark Passive. Whenever Evan attacks, Mir might attack too. Level 1 Chance 4, Damage 5. Level 1. 0 Chance 4. Damage 1. 00. Evan 1st Job Skill Build Guide GMS Everything maxed. Mana Burst I, Teleport, Dragon Soul 12. Magic Link MAX3. Teleport MAX4. Dragon Soul MAX5. Dragon Spark MAX6. Mana Burst I MAX7. Magic Guard MAXEvan 1st Job Skill Build Guide MSEA Everything maxed. Circle of Mana I, Teleport, Dragon Soul 12. Linked Magic MAX3. Teleport MAX4. Dragon Soul MAX5. Dragon Spark MAX6. Circle of Mana I MAX7.